Mazda extends the warranty on its entire lineup to 6 years

Mazda doubles the warranty on its entire range to 6 years or 150,000 km for all models registered from January 2023, in order to improve the customer experience. This fact demonstrates, once again, that the Japanese brand is characterised by having a clear priority: the well-being and satisfaction of each of the drivers of its vehicles.

All the programs offered in the company’s authorized services revolve around this objective. This can be clearly seen in the high levels of satisfaction among the brand’s customers and, above all, in their loyalty in after-sales service.

Mazda is well known for having very loyal customers. Not only do they come back to buy yet another Mazda, but they also stay loyal to authorized dealers when they visit to service their car. Another reason is the service programs, which are appreciated.

The Mazda 6 years warranty is not the only comforting service Mazda offers its customers. Another good example is the Mazda Fair Service program. In short, this program means special conditions and discounts on parts for Mazda cars older than three years.

The MFS program applies to Mazda genuine service and maintenance parts, when the service is performed by an authorized Mazda dealer. This means a discount on service and maintenance parts according to the manufacturer’s classification.

In these times of relative uncertainty, not only in the automotive sector, any service which offers more stability and confidence is important to customers. Also, Mazda Assistance – the service assistance program covering the whole of Europe – which is prolonged for another year with each annual visit to a Mazda authorized dealer, up to a vehicle age of 10 years. Thus, the customer can travel around Europe with no worries, and with the clear backup of the Mazda Assistance system, which is ready to help should an unexpected problem occur.

“We aim not just to please the customer when they come and buy a vehicle, as this is not really a challenge for Mazda. The main aim is to make the customer happy when they come back to service their car,” says John Perry, Managing Director of Mazda Ireland.

“Our focus on this field is a long-term strategic thing. In 2006, when we implemented the Digital Service Book, we were the first in the car industry to do so. A huge improvement for the customers who buy our used cars – as the history of the car is completely clear, if the previous owner visited authorized dealerships,” John adds.