Maxol Loyalty App launches with first to market FuelPay feature

Maxol CEO Brian Donaldson launches Maxol’s Loyalty App, the first in Ireland to offer FuelPay a feature that allows customers to pay for their fuel, from their vehicle, in the palm of their hand. (Photo: Fennell Photography)

Maxol has announced the launch of its loyalty app, the first of its kind in Ireland to implement FuelPay, a feature that allows customers to pay for their fuel, from their vehicle, in the palm of their hand.

With extensive research and a six-figure investment behind it, the Maxol Loyalty App is the most technologically advanced app in its sector. Its standout feature, FuelPay, works by using geo-fencing and the user’s phone GPS to determine at which service station the customer is located.

Customers can turn on the fuel pump with their phones by entering the specific pump number on the app, without getting out of the car. 

Providing an intuitive solution for customers across 76 Maxol locations in the Republic of Ireland, the Maxol Loyalty App was designed and developed with Liquid Barcodes a leading global loyalty technology company specialising in the convenience store and foodservice industries.

The Maxol loyalty proposition was conceived following in-depth research on global best practices and includes two main elements, ” digital stamps” to reward frequent purchases on coffee and car wash and “stars” to reward recent visits and new customer referrals who sign up for the app.

The app has been developed to offer a wide range of other services which Maxol wants to offer customers on one digital platform, creating a shop window for Maxol in the palm of customers’ hands.

Station Finder and Oil Advisor 

The app has a station finder feature that will locate the nearest Maxol service station quickly and if a customer is having an issue trying to figure out the right oil for their car, they can use the Maxol Engine Oil Advisor feature to steer them in the right direction.


Speaking about the loyalty app, Maxol Group CEO, Brian Donaldson commented: “As a family-owned Irish company we have a strong network of loyal customers. This app is another milestone in continuing to reward and retain loyal customers and help move our business forward, both digitally and technologically.

“This is the only app in Ireland that offers FuelPay, a first to market and easier way for consumers to pay for fuel. FuelPay will also be available shortly for all Maxol fuel card customers. It will enable Maxol to gain a deeper insight and understanding about our customers, how they shop in store with us, and help us drive a stronger emotional engagement with them. Having a loyalty programme on a digital platform enables us to help make shopping easier and more convenient for our customers, encouraging them to shop more often with us.”

In addition to FuelPay, everyone who downloads the Maxol Loyalty App will receive a free ROSA Coffee and the first 18,000 customers will receive an extra reward.

The app has a wide range of offers and rewards for members across products such as ROSA Coffee (buy five, get a sixth free), car wash (buy four, receive a complimentary car wash) and lots more.

Gold Star membership 

Maxol is inviting customers who download the loyalty app to be part of a new community of Gold Star members. Customers with the loyalty app who spend €5 in-store or €30 on fuel will receive a gold star. When a customer collects 10 gold stars over a 90-day period, they become a Gold Member, which gives them access to more offers and treats. Gold members will receive a third offer every month exclusive to them.

The app is free to download from the Apple and Google Play store now. For more information, please check out