In recent months, Shanballymore Community Centre has undergone a radical transformation with the ongoing refurbishment of the kitchen, chiropodist room and new toilets. Also, as part of the inclusive process for education, cultural and economic welfare integration, the community centre in Shanballymore now has an office which is open each morning. The new secretary there is Isabella P Caldwell. 


As with all refurbishment works, these cost money and, in order to continue the centre’s upkeep for future generations, a number of fundraisers are planned to cover the bulk of the costs. Your support for these will be much appreciated.

These works at  the centre have been performed by Denis MacDonald who has been relentlessly doing an outstanding job in the hall and kithcen, so a big thank you for his dedication. The committee would also like to thank John Noonan for keeping the village in pristine condition. His dedication to keeping the streets clean and flower beds maintained haven’t gone unnoticed!


As it is not known how many sets of keys for the hall there are, or where they are, it has been decided to change the locks of the Community centre so that there can be some control over the premises,

The parish Newsletter just published states: “This is the way we found to resolve the issue of the unsupervised comings and goings from the hall, but if you have a better solution, please feel free to get in touch with the secretary.  All feedback is welcome – you can either email us at, contact us on our Facebook page, call 087-7545468 or drop by the office during the office hours and discuss your views with the secretary.”


Rental fees for the hall are not new, as there were always charges for rental/use of the premises, but now the prices are made public, they are fixed, so the community knows in advance what to expect in respect of payments and  can make an educated decision.  The fees include setting up of the hall according to each group’s needs, use of kitchen and bathrooms, use of our state of the art refrigerator, cooker and all table wear and rubbish collection.

“From now on, we will be charging for the rental of cups, chairs, tables, boilers etc as we need to guarantee that when these items leave the premises they are returned in the same condition they left.  Up to now there has been a total disrespect, misuse and abuse for the community property and we hope that by doing this, eventually, we will be able to purchase new stock and make the village proud of what we have.

“The community centre and its’ contents belong to you, the people, it’s here for your use, but it is important that it is looked after and respected so that everyone can benefit from these.  A price list has now been issued and you can consult it in the local post office and the community centre.”