Location of large road signs criticised


Location of large road signs criticised

Road signs placed in a scenic area on a main road in county Waterford has caused some consternation, with a request for the signs to be removed.

Monday, 22 April 2013
4:15 AM GMT

The erection of two large road signs on a scenic part of the road between Lismore and Cappoquin, was criticised at the recent meeting of Lismore Town Council.

Councillor John Heneghan said the signage at Kitchen Hole on the Cappoquin road was badly positioned. “They’re right bang in the middle of a scenic area,” he pointed out. While one has since been removed, he asked when the other one would be taken down.

Acting town manager, Paul Daly said they wouldn’t leave up the large NRA information sign “any longer than we need to.” The difficulty was the size, he explained, it was hard to find suitable locations for them.

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