June 30th-July 6th 1916

It was anticipated that a most attractive game of cricket would result from the meeting of Cork County versus South of Ireland Young Officers (Kilworth) at the Mardyke Grounds. Both elevens included military players of repute.

P. Daly, Cappoquin, Irish Regiment was killed in WW1.

Maryanne Murray, relict of the late Edward Murray (builder) died at her residence at King’s Square, Mitchelstown.

At a meeting of Cork County Board, arising out of the Referees’ Association report, Mr O’Gorman asked why Mr P Daly was appointed to referee a match between Mallow and Ballindangan at Castletownroche when he (Mr O’Gorman) was appointed and did not refuse to act, previous to the appointment of Mr Daly. The chairman said that the appointment was made to save expense to the Board. Mr Daly lived in Fermoy and Mr O’Gorman in Cork. The report was adopted, Mr O’Gorman’s protest being marked in.

The annual procession in honour of the Blessed Sacrament took place around the spacious and ornamental grounds adjoining the Catholic Church in Tallow. Never was there such an exhibition of faith and religious enthusiasm as was displayed on this occasion. Benediction was given by Very Rev. Canon Meagher, P.P., assisted by rev. M. Carroll, C.C., from an altar beautifully decorated and specially erected for the purpose.

In the King’s Bench Division, the trial began of an action in which the plaintiffs, Edward O’Brien and Richard Barry, as executors, sought to establish the last will, dated 30th November 1916, of James Ryan, farmer of Brigown, near Mitchelstown. The defendant, Ellen Ryan, widow of James Ryan, pleaded, in addition to the usual statutory pleas, undue influence on the part of Patrick Ryan, brother of the deceased and of Mrs Norah Keyes and Mrs Kate Forde, sisters of the deceased. The assets amounted to about £1,200 and the testator left £300 to his wife and directed that the residue should be equally divided among Patrick Ryan, Mrs Keyes and Mrs Forde. The argument was that the deceased had made two wills granting different sums to the parties. After hearing the evidence, his lordship admitted the will dated 30th November to probate.

Mallow District Council announced they would receive tenders under the Labourers Acts for repairs to cottages, according to schedule prices, in the Doneraile Division which included Shanballymore, Skehanagh, Steamhill and Templemary. All works would be carried out according to the specification of the Clerk of Works. Bonds would need to be signed within seven days after acceptance of tender.

The venerable Archdeacon Power, P.P., Galbally (uncle to the bride) performed the marriage ceremony of David Dwane and Jeanie O’Connell at St. John’s Cathedral, Limerick. The bride wore a white charmeuse gown trimmed with orange blossoms, Limerick lace and pearls. Her going away dress, as they left to honeymoon in the north, was a saxe costume of Irish poplin with a hat to suit.