Local link bus has ‘social importance’ for passengers

The Local Link service started as a nationwide initiative in 2002, as part of the rural transport programme.

Since then, for a lot of people, it has become an important part of their lives: a link for rural communities to bigger towns, a transport service for young people who cannot drive and, for others, it is a service with an unexpected social side. 

Local links

For Lorraine Marshall, a resident of Rockmills near Kildorrery, the Local Link bus is ‘more of a social event,’ than a journey. 

Lorraine began to take the bus some years ago, when the 245C service was started as a trial route.

She was immediately struck by what the service offered: “Because I don’t drive too much, this service makes me independent. And it’s that independence that I like, being able to control your own schedule,” she said. 

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