By Graham Clifford

Doctors in Fermoy and Mitchelstown are very concerned that many people living in the area are not aware that they are at ‘high risk’ of serious illness should they contract the Covid-19/coronavirus.

All GPs in the area have joined forces to send a public message that every precaution, from an individual and community perspective, must be taken now as a matter of utmost urgency.

“All people aged 60, or over, are considered ‘high risk’,” explained Fermoy’s Dr Deirdre O’Grady.

She added: “So even if you’re very healthy now and fall into that age bracket you need to do everything to protect yourself as of this moment. Also, those of any age with heart problems, diabetes or respiratory (lung) related issues are at risk.

“So, if you’re using an inhaler, of any type, that means the risk to you is significantly higher than to the general population.

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