Lips are one of the first focal points of beauty and attraction. They are also one of the most hardworking parts of our face; smiling and kissing, talking and sipping day-in, day-out.

In spite of this, they’re very often overlooked and neglected when it comes to age prevention and can be a big giveaway of age and lifestyle.

At Venus Medical two advanced lip rejuvenation procedures promise to restore lost lip volume and turn back the clock by several years without a hint of a trout pout or duck face.

The process begins with Venus Medical’s Vectra 3D imaging system which measures facial proportions and determines the all-important philtral-labial score (PLS). Divide the distance from the nose to the upper lip by the height of the upper lip itself and you get the PLS.

A PLS of less than 3 is the goal, but the aesthetic ideal (as detertmined by analyses of fashion models and the like) is a PLS of between 1.2 and 2.3.

The first procedure, the Lip Lift involves a minor surgical procedure performed using a local anaesthetic. Firstly a small incision is made underneath the nose to remove some skin to help lift the lip up and shorten the distance between the nose and the pink upper lip.

This instantly improves proportions, and has a significant impact an how young someone looks, as well as how attractive they appear.

It also brings the philtral-labial score described above from above 3 to below 3, and improves dental show; ideally 2-3 mm of the upper teeth should be visible with the mouth at rest.

The second procedure, Perma Lip, involves a small soft permanent silicone lip implant being inserted into the lips, again using a local anaesthetic. This instantly corrects any thinning of the lips as a result of age or due to natural anatomy.

During the assessment, the lips are measured and proportions determined. Often, the Lip Lift is combined with Perma Lip for even more effective, beautifying, and anti-aging results. According to Dr Peter Prendergast, Medical Director at Venus Medical

“Many people undergo cosmetic procedures but fail to recognise the importance of the lips and mouth in the perception of age. A long upper lip that hides the upper teeth is very aging, and only correctable through surgery.

We offer the lip lift procedure which is straight forward but very rejuvenating. Combining this with a small, soft, lip implant – the PermaLip – is a strategy that enhances appearance more than many other surgical or non-surgical interventions.

Using a scientific algorithm based on the distance from the nose to the upper lip, we establish the ideal positioning of the lips. We also measure the entire area in exact millimetres and use a complex imaging system to work out the best individual treatment plan for each patient.

Unlike temporary fillers, adding lip volume with the PermaLip and lifting the lip with the Lip Lift are lasting solutions for rejuvenation and beautification of the lower face.

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