Jury duty scam warning

There is an ever changing online criminal scamming environment, but the latest scam involves a fake invite to jury duty. 

The plausible looking email arrives without notice in the victim’s email and seeks to trick the unsuspecting person into divulging personal data. 

A garda spokesman said that people should note that jury duty summons are mailed to the would-be member via An Post and not by email. 

“An Garda Síochána has been alerted to a scam where members of the public have received fraudulent jury service notices by email. 

“In the email a request is made to click on a link to get a jury number. This is a scam, and the public are advised not to click on any links. 

“A genuine jury summons is issued only through the postal system. The Courts Service of Ireland will never email a message such as this. Jury summonses are mailed via An Post.

“Other official communications are sent either by registered post, summons or under warrant,” the spokesperson warned.

The public should therefore be aware of requests for personal information from anonymous and unverified sources.