IUNVA Post 25 say goodbye to Colette

Colette O'Donoghue pictured with members of IUNVA Post 25, on her last day working as secretary at their headquarters at Fitzgerald Place, Fermoy before Christmas. (Picture: Emily Aherne)

The members of IUNVA Post 25 in Fermoy were sad to say goodbye to Colette O’Donoghue, from Kilworth, who had reached the end of her 12 months contract as secretary for the veterans in Fermoy. 

Chairman of Post 25, Tom McCarthy thanked her for her great service throughout the year and wished her and her family the very best of luck in the future. 

“She was a breath of fresh air and got on well with everyone here,” he said, at the headquarters at Fitzgerald’s Place, Fermoy before Christmas where they presented a thank you gift and card to Colette. 

Tom McCarthy, chairperson of IUNVA Post 25, presenting a gift to Colette O’ Donoghue before Christmas as an expression of their gratitude to her for her work over the past 12 months. (Picture: Emily Aherne)

John O’Mahony, one of the members of Post 25, said that from the very first day Colette started working as the secretary she always had a smile for all she met. 

“We’re sorry to be losing you but that’s just the way it goes because of the scheme and we’d love to see you getting on well in the future,” added Mr O’Mahony.