Islands taking over river in Fermoy


Islands taking over river in Fermoy

“It’s time we all matured and stopped talking about our beautiful river and did something about it,” Fermoy Mayor, Michael Hanley said.

Thursday, 28 February 2013
8:00 AM GMT

'Islands' in the eastern side of the Blackwater river in Fermoy need to be cleared, Mayor Michael Hanley says.

There are two such outcrops in the O'Neill-Crowley Quay side of the river. Both have trees, shrubs and other vegetation growing on them. The second of the two protrudes some considerable distance out into the river, narrowing the channel at that point. 

"My concern in raising this, with respect to other views that may be held, is regarding their current condition, it's impertive that this now be dealt with and the river cleaned to the extent possible without interfering with the fish in it," Mayor Hanley explained.

It's his understanding that anglers would appreciate such a move. "It's time we all matured and stopped talking about our beautiful river and did something about it," he said.

There's no comparison between the free-flowing western side of the river and the congested east side, the Mayor pointed out. He says the river used to be cleared regularly and the river dredged over the years and he's asking that it now be done again.

"I mention it now in the context of The Gathering. We want to showcase Fermoy to its best advantage, we will be remembered best for how it looks," he said. 

The Mayor went on to say that it would be an investment in Fermoy's environment, so that it is easily maintained.

"Some €40m is being spent on a flood plan for the town, which, when finished, should see both quays looking very well," he pointed out, "so why have those in the river?"

He's asking for "a genuine approach to be made" to clean it up. It's understood any such work would be the responsibility of the town council.

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