Is Barnane walk safe?

There have been fears for public safety in recent days as yet another tree has fallen on the Barnane walk in Fermoy. This is an ongoing issue and overhanging trees are constantly posing a threat.

It is assumed that this tree fell on Monday, Jan 22 overnight even though the weather was not particularly windy or stormy. 

Local man John Murphy, frequently uses the walkway and has noted that the falling trees are a health and safety hazard.

He explained that the trees themselves are on private property and so it is really the property owner who needs to have the trees assessed. 

“My advice to the owner is to get the trees looked at by a tree surgeon,” he said. 

John told The Avondhu that he knows that the property owner is concerned about the trees and the last time a tree fell on the walkway, the owner arranged to have it removed. 

However, John noted that the trees are an essential part of the amenity so that only those trees that genuinely need to be removed in the interest of safety should be removed.

“Barmane Walk is part of the heritage of Fermoy,” he said.