Inhumane dumping of kittens ‘would break your soul’

The Community Cats Network is making a plea to the public after a surge in the inhumane and horrific dumping of kittens at the sides of roads in recent weeks.

On Tuesday of last week, a woman out walking came across a 5 week old kitten on the side of the Fermoy Road outside Mitchelstown. A volunteer from the charity was called to the site.

Generally, if there is one cat, there will be more.

The volunteer walked along the side of the road until she noticed a swarm of bluebottles, under which a newborn kitten lay, covered in maggots, eggs, and cuts to his eyes, while another swarm of bluebottles revealed three other kittens, all dehydrated from the heat.

Of the five kittens found on the day, only …

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