The removal of plant material at the roundabout on the way into Mitchelstown on the Cork side has been welcomed by a local councillor after ‘extensive vegetation removal’ was undertaken at the spot.

The work was undertaken at Junction 13, the slip road exiting the motorway southbound at the roundabout nearest Glocca Maura on the south of the town.

Cllr Deirdre O’Brien welcomed the news, citing the “many accidents and numerous near misses” at the spot.

“This broke my heart but I persevered, and eventually they cut it.”

However, the department responsible for clearing the vegetation were wary of removing too much, in case it encouraged excessive speeding of motorists exiting the motorway.

The photo shows relatively clear visibility for any driver who is doing the recommended speeds, and the council confirmed that they would continue to ‘tidy’ the spot to maintain the current visibility.