Illegal fireworks return as Hallowe’en approaches

The plaster model lost a thumb and a finger in a demonstration on the dangers of illegal fireworks. (Picture: Dublin Fire Brigade)

It is early in October and the tell-tale sound of fireworks can already be heard around Mitchelstown, indicating the annual and dangerous practice of letting off illegal fireworks.

On Tuesday evening, at approximately 7.30pm, several fireworks could be heard going off near the town centre. While last Friday, fireworks were ignited near Church Lane at lunchtine, begging the question if the students who set them off had earlier taken them to school, or stashed them in the lane.

No doubt, there are also instances of fireworks being set off indiscriminately in many villages and towns throughout The Avondhu catchment.

Bob Dalton, station officer with Mitchelstown Fire Brigade, is adamant that if “you were to see someone’s hand after they were hit with one, you wouldn’t be long staying away from them.”

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