ICMSA welcome resumption of fallen animal collection

Lorcan McCabe, Deputy President of ICMSA. (Picture: Martin Kiely)

– warns that ‘costs of resolution’ had better not be presented to farmers –

ICMSA’s Deputy President, Mr Lorcan McCabe has welcomed the announcement that knackeries have resumed the collection of fallen animals.

Mr McCabe noted that while it may be too early to assume that all matters had been resolved fully, the decision represented progress and a realisation on the part of both the knackeries and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine that the ongoing dispute was causing disruption and anxiety to an already pressurised farming sector but he warned against any idea that the dispute could be resolved by passing the problem – and cost – onto the farmers.

“All ICMSA has been saying is that invariably in disputes like this, a solution will be reached by genuine talks and compromise. Farmers become very frustrated indeed where they end up ‘meat-in-a-sandwich’ in issues between other parties in the agricultural sector.

“But we’re vehemently opposed to any idea that where two non-farmer elements disagree that they compromise by agreeing that the increased cost should be passed onto the farmers.

“ICMSA welcomes that the dispute looks likely to be resolved but the bill for that resolution had better not be presented to farmers. Farmers are already paying more than sufficient fees for fallen animal collection and this deal – at whatever stage it is – had better not be built on the idea that we’ll be paying a cent more”, concluded Mr McCabe.