Home charging is the most economical and simple way to ensure your electric vehicle has a full charge and is ready to go. Simply plug in each evening when you’re parked up for the night and unplug with a full charge the next morning.

“Think of it like your smartphone, just plug in at night and our intelligent app starts the charging at the scheduled time,” says Noel May, Managing Director at iAccess.

“The smart WiFi-enabled app scheduler allows you to automatically time charging to start when electricity rates are lowest. For example, to fully charge a 64kW/h battery during low night rates in Ireland would cost less than €7 and provide up to 450 kilometers, a massive saving over petrol or diesel.”

The iAcharger 25 provides iA (Intelligent Access) features based on the industry OCPP software standards to future proof the system via software upgrades and back end stored usage history.

The 7kW Smart iAcharger 25 comes as standard with:

  • WiFi
  • RFID card secure access
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Smartphone App for scheduling and usage reports
  • 4-metre Type 2 tethered cable

You can avail of our new 7kW Smart iAcharger 25 home chargers at the highly competitive price of: €499 for iAcharger unit only; €899 iAcharger plus Standard Installation**

*With the Home Charger grant received from SEAI this means a net cost of only €299!

The iAcharger 25 qualifies for government grants in both Ireland and the UK. The SEAI grant to help offset the cost of the home EV charger and professional installation is up to the value of €600.

Installation is provided by our iA nationwide professional approved EV charger installers.

**80% of homes conform to the Standard Installation (see details on www.iacharger.com of what is included in a Standard Installation). Where homes require more than the Standard Installation a separate install quote can be provided.

All iAchargers conform to the new electrical standard requirements for EV charging (I.S 10101.20202). The iAchargers are compatible with all new electric vehicle models.

For more information visit www.iacharger.com or email info@iacharger.com phone: 021-4821106