HB Ice Cream is predicting that, during the present heatwave, approximately three (2.89) HB ice creams could be sold every second, totalling 250,000 HB ice creams per day. 

The total number of ice creams to sell during the heatwave could exceed a quarter of a million. Top scorers are likely to be HB Cornettos, which will typically sell 30,000 across the country on a hot day.

Next up are much beloved Icebergers which can sell approximately 21,000 units per day during summer.

With a rush on favourites such as the Cornetto and Iceberger and added interest in the new Calippo Cola and Twister Blackcurrant, HB are urging sales staff throughout the country to stock up ice cream cabinets in preparation for the rising temperatures which are predicted to hit 26 this week – the hottest day of the year so far!

I’ll have an Iceberger please!