Well known vintage enthusiast, Eamon Walsh who attended last weekend's silage event in Melleray. (John Ahern)

At face value it’s not an event that sets the pulse racing. Undaunted by this, Melleray Community Group put a lot of faith in their fundraising silage event which has at its core, a silage harvesting operation incorporating 110 acres.

Aided by some excellent weather and an army of tractors and silage cutting machines, all 110 acres were ‘brought in’.

Traffic control was critical to the smooth running of the event as dozens of tractors criss-crossed a vast site located adjacent to Mount Melleray – a historic place of religious worship.

There was also the very serious issue of keeping patrons a safe distance from machinery and this was done thanks to the efforts of very capable male and female stewards.

For the purposes of the event, modest looking tractors from the 40s, 50 and 60s worked alongside gigantic John Deere models whose speed and power made light work of the sprawling fields.

Professional opinion confirmed that the silage making process (cutting, depositing, backing up and covering) was carried out to a high standard and there was little or no grass wasted.

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