Some Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown third year students sitting in front of the Wellbeing Wall - positive messages were placed onto the wall to remind the school community of how important it is to acknowledge reasons for feeling positive about yourself - during Health & Wellbeing Week.

Last week was Health & Wellbeing Week and the students at Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown got involved wholeheartedly in the range of activities that were on offer.

There were a number of presentations made that dealt with very relevant issues that face students today; Cyberbullying, Dealing With Anxiety, and Empowering Women were just a few of our scheduled talks.

Representatives from visited the school and mental health advocates from Animus held a seminar for the Leaving Certs in Forrest Hall. The student council had an information stand open during lunchtime and created awareness of the various agencies that are available to teenagers to support their mental health.

The week also included a lunchtime run each day and finished on Friday with Yoga & Pilates sessions in the canteen  – it was a really enjoyable week and an appropriate reminder for us all to look after ourselves and each other.