Towing and trailers are not one of the most glamorous subjects when it comes to motoring and for this reason have not been topical over the last number of years. ŠKODA, however, consider themselves one of the most practical and functional car brands on the market and takes the subject very seriously.

Škoda have highlighted that 22% (1,375) of their retail customers fitted genuine Škoda towing systems (tow bar & electrical harness kit) to their vehicles last year.


According to Škoda, they are seeing an increasing number of customers requesting towing systems for leisure purposes such as boating, caravanning and equine activity as well as business and agricultural functions.

Škoda towing systems start from €499 and include safety and functional benefits such as Electronic Trailer Stability Assist which works through the vehicles ABS and ESP systems to maintain vehicle control when the trailer begins to wallow and destabilise the trailer and the vehicle itself. Engines have to work harder when towing a trailer, therefore the vehicle cooling strategy is altered to account for heavier loads upon the engine.

The system also offers simple, yet clever features like trailer bulb monitoring, parking sensor deactivation, advanced park assist features and even an anti-theft device that triggers the vehicles alarm if an unauthorised attempt is made to disconnect the trailer from the vehicle.

“Škoda offers an excellent range of vehicles suitable for towing”

Speaking about Škoda’s towing and trailer offering, Raymond Leddy, Head of Marketing at ŠKODA Ireland, said, “Škoda offers an excellent range of vehicles suitable for towing. The most suitable are our 4×4 variants of the Octavia, Yeti and Superb that offer up to 25% increased towing capacity compared to standard 4×2 versions.”

Leddy added, “Legislation around trailer standards and towing licenses and testing has changed since October 2012, with many people uncertain of the regulation. In the main a standard category B licence does not entitle the holder with a standard large 4×4 commercial or SUV to tow a horsebox or livestock trailer because the combined maximum weight exceeds 3,500kg.

“In this case a test is required to acquire a BE licence. A Škoda Superb Combi 4×4 on the other hand can legally tow a standard 900kg horsebox and two 500kg horses on a standard B licence.”

Škoda are set to increase their towing and 4×4 range even further when they launch a larger SUV in early 2017. A hint of what this new car’s design will look like was seen at this year’s Geneva Motorshow when Škoda unveiled their Vision-S concept vehicle.

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