The Fermoy-Ploemeur Twinning Association hosted a successful concert featuring Breton dancing and music, along with a range of traditional Irish music and dance, in St Michael’s Hall, Ballyduff on Sunday night.

The concert was part of the programme to coincide with the week-long visit by the Ploemeur visitors to Ireland, as part of their 35-year twinning association with Fermoy.

From Brittany, the Celtic region of France, the Ploemeur visitors arrived in the country on Saturday, April 29th and their visit has included various workshops and performances of Breton dancing, which has similarities to traditional Irish dancing.

The Breton dancing in Ballyduff was led by Soizic Venuat, complemented with music from Breton pipers.

Also performing at the concert in Ballyduff were members of the Claisceadal na gCarad group, Ballyduff Set Dancers and local folk musicians.

As part of their visit, the Ploemeur residents have travelled across Cork, Kerry and Waterford.

They will depart for France again on Saturday morning from the ferry in Ringaskiddy.