Young people aged 18 from Ireland and across the EU can now apply for a travel pass to discover Europe next summer, up until Tuesday, 11th December, thanks to the launch of a second DiscoverEU competition.

This news follows a previous scheme where 2,524 Irish people applied for 140 free Inter Rail tickets.

The European Commission encourages particularly people who have special needs or face social challenges to apply. For people with special needs, the Commission will put information and tips at their disposal and cover the necessary costs of special assistance (for example an accompanying person or a guide dog for visually impaired participants).


Ireland South MEP, Deirdre Clune said: “I am delighted that more tickets are being made available so that young Irish people can discover Europe. The scheme was a huge success this summer with thousands of Irish people applying for tickets and with more tickets now being made available it means more people can avail of the scheme.

“The scheme is a great way to help young Irish people learn about and see other EU countries. There is so much to learn across Europe and a scheme such as this is very welcome in helping young people as they learn and develop. It is great to see so much interest from young people in the scheme and I would encourage the creation of more schemes like this.”

Application DEADLINE

Irish 18-year-olds will have until 11th December 2018 to apply for a free ticket, giving them the opportunity to travel around Europe between April 15 and October 31, 2019.