Martin Condon planting Cannabis plants in flower boxes on Pope's Quay, Cork. He is protesting the continued criminalisation of the drug in Ireland. (Picture: Martin Condon)

A former student of Colaiste an Chroi Naofa, Carrignavar is campaigning for the legalisation of cannabis, taking drastic steps to bring attention to his cause.

Last month, Martin Condon admitted to being the culprit behind the planting of six cannabis plants in front of Cork City Hall, and vowed to continue his campaign of ‘civil disobedience’.

Previously in July, he had replanted nine plants that gardaí had uprooted by Shandon Bridge in the city, to draw attention to the ‘highlight the waste of time by gardaí on these issues, and I’d like them to refocus their efforts on the real criminals out there.’

The campaign for the legalisation of cannabis has been increasingly in the public domain, following some large-scale demonstrations and appeals to the government …

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