Fitzgerald camp closure "destroying our history"


Fitzgerald camp closure “destroying our history”

A Fermoy local has described as “gutless” those who are looking to destroy the town’s military history, by putting Fitzgerald Camp up for sale.

Saturday, 16 March 2013
11:45 AM GMT

A local man has responded angrily to the news that Fitzgerald camp is up for sale by the State, as reported in The Avondhu last week. The man, who did not wish to be named, pointed out that the camp was a motor squadron camp for many years and dated back to the time when the British were in the area.

“The history of this camp is immense. Would our now Defence Department and Minister like to eradicate and not look after our history?” he asked. He said many’s a good man had gone through the camp and given their lives for the country.

He suggested that instead of Post 25 UN Veterans being given the camp that it should be sold to them for the princely sum of five euro with the deeds and all other relevant documentation, so that they can bring forward their plans to establish a military museum and interpretative centre on the site.


“I’ll be the first to go and visit it when they open it up,” he said, adding that it will be an attraction which will bring revenue to Fermoy and the surrounding area.

“It’ll also be a thank you to all the lads who fought and died with the UN for this country and for freedom for people who were less fortunate than us,” he said. He suggested that when Post 25 acquire the site that they rename it the Pat Mullins Centre. “I would also hope that all the lads who have served would stand up and be counted and write to the gutless who want to destroy our history,” he concluded.

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