First Mitchelstown vaccinations a success for over 85s

JUST THE JAB! Sean Buckley from Mitchelstown, who got vaccinated in the Living Health Clinic, Mitchelstown last Friday. (Picture: John Ahern)

The initial stages of the vaccine roll out to the over 85s age cohort in the Mitchelstown area has been a success, Livinghealth Clinic has revealed. 

Clinic spokesperson Julie Beamish, said that their plan to inoculate 224 octogenarians in two days worked perfectly and they are looking forward to the next batch of vaccinations to administer. 

“We had 96 booked in on the first day last Thursday and we had 100% attendance of those people. In total we did 224 people with five doctors working on it. There was a great air around the place and the people were a pleasure to deal with,” she said. 

“Our next doses and the next cohort is predicated on the delivery of the vaccine. There are a few people who remain on the list for here and they were too unwell to receive it, but we will keep going back to them”. 

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