Trinity College Dublin, together with the Irish Cancer Society and HSE, are researching new ways to help women to stop smoking.

They are currently looking for women from Fermoy Town to sign up to a free programme which will look at how best to support women to quit smoking in their own communities.

Professor Catherine Hayes, from Trinity College Dublin said: “We are looking for 50 women, who currently smoke, to sign up and take part in this exciting new research project. Beginning in April, each woman will be offered practical support as part of a community based stop smoking programme. The information received from the women will be reviewed to see how well the programme worked in helping them to stop smoking. They will also be invited back after 6 months to discuss how they found the course and to look at the long-term benefits of taking part.”

Prof Hayes added, “Even if you are just thinking about quitting, taking part in this programme will be of benefit to you. Stopping smoking is linked to so many positive health outcomes. In the short term your breathing is likely to get better, your skin and hair may improve, as will your ability to exercise. In the longer term, you will lower your risk of developing cancer, heart disease and stroke, improving your overall quality of life. You will also be better off financially.”

Joanne Vance, Community Programmes Manager at the Irish Cancer Society said, “We know that 7 out of 10 smokers want to stop but it can be very difficult without support.  Women smoke for a wide range of complex reasons, which can sometimes make it more difficult for them to ask for help to quit. That is why, with the help of our local community partners, we want to investigate new ways to help them to kick the habit for good.”

If you are a woman in the Fermoy town area, aged 18 and over, who wants to stop smoking and are interested in taking part in this exciting new project, you can get more information by:

• Registering your interest at:

• Calling Odharnait Uí Bhuachalla, Community Cancer Prevention Officer, on: 021 432 4521

• Emailing:

• Dropping into one of the local community partners: Fermoy Family Resource Centre and Fermoy Community Health Project