The owners of the derelict building at No 1 O’Connell Place, Fermoy, located beside the CYMS Hall, have been ordered by Cork County Council to demolish the building in its entirety to ground level in consultation with the owners of No 2 O’Connell Place, Fermoy, within the next two months.

Cork County Council have made the request to prevent the building from being a dangerous structure or likely to be dangerous to either people or property.

As part of the conditions of the order no dust, mud or debris from the site shall be carried onto or deposited on the public road or footpath.

Public roads and footpath in the vicinity of the site must be maintained in a tidy condition during the demolition to protect the amenities in the area and in the interest of road safety.

Another condition stipulated, is that no surface water be allowed to flow onto the public road or footpath from the site.

Adequate parking facilities are to be provided for all vehicles associated with the demolition. No parking or skips will be allowed along the footpath or road.

Access to the properties close-by must be maintained in a safe manner at all times and the perimeter of the site must be secured with precast concrete post and panel fencing or similar, which must be agreed with the council engineer.

The notice was put in place on February 16th last, however to date, there has been no signs of activity at the site.