Family search for stolen ponies


Family search for stolen ponies

“They were always together so I’d worry if they were split up, they are so used to being together.”

Thursday, 14 February 2013
8:00 AM GMT

A family who had two ponies stolen from a field between Castlelyons and Fermoy recently have carried out searches of the area and have broadened their search to neighbouring counties this week in a bid to find them.

The two ponies, one a four year old chestnut stallion and the other a black filly foal with four white socks and a distinctive white mark on her shoulder, went missing from the field where they were grazing between Castlelyons and Fermoy on Wednesday, January 30th. Their owner can pinpoint the date because he'd been to feed them the day before when all was well.

Initially, Michael Cahill thought they may have been frightened by thunder and lightening during a heavy storm that night and bolted, but he since has had reason to believe they were taken from the field in a planned theft. "The rope tying the gate into the field was cut and the gate positioned in such a way that a horse box could be backed up to it. They would have had to use a horsebox to transport them. Besides there's been no trace of them in the locality," Michael said


He travelled to Limerick this week to see if he could find any trace of them there after extensive searches of the region failed to locate them. The ponies were family pets and Michael says his brother, who has Down Syndrome, had a particular affinity for the animals and misses them.

Michael spoke of another worry in relation to the missing ponies. "They were always together so I'd worry if they were split up, they are so used to being together," he explained.

Gardai in Fermoy are investigating the incident.

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