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Glenroe cage fighter goes pro

County Limerick’s Sean Tobin, hailing from Glenroe, is stepping up to the professional ranks in cage fighting, after a successful last amateur fight.

Friday, 15 February 2013
7:00 PM GMT

Glenroe cage fighter Sean Tobin is now moving into the professional league, after winning his last amateur match.

Speaking to The Avondhu after his fight with Liam Og Griffin, which took place in the Silver Springs, Cork, Sean said that he had the biggest amount of local support ever at that fight.

"A lot of people came to the fight from around home, with a lot of my home crowd from Glenroe, it was great to see that they had all made the effort to come up.

"I have to thank all of my family as well, my brothers and sisters have come to all of my fights - wherever I am, they are always there to support me."

Sean said that going pro is what he has been working toward, but he was depending on this final fight to go well.

"It's a dream come true, I just had to get over that last hurdle."


While many of the amateur fights would have been local, Sean said that now, he will be going wherever the fights are, but he expects his first professional fight to take place on April 12 in Dublin.

The fights will also be that bit more serious, as Sean explained that the rounds are longer, so he will need to build up his stamina and there are things that are allowed in professional fights, which are banned from amateur fights.

"I was already training like a pro, but the fights will be tougher and there will be more exposure as some of the fights will be aired live on television.

"When I won my amateur belt, there was a clip televised, but it wasn't live. The sport is getting a lot bigger now, so I will just take it one fight at a time and try to build up a good record and a profile."

Sean thanked everyone who has supported him so far and hopes they will continue to follow his career, he also thanked his coaches, Kieran junior and senior and Nick and Stuart Dollery.

Since he last spoke to The Avondhu, Cork business Athlete 2.0 have also come on board with sponsorship and his goal is to get more sponsors on board along the way.

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