It would seem that the furore over access rights in Glanworth has died down somewhat – or at least it has in the public sphere.

However, it has not gone away and this week a local to Glanworth, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted The Avondhu to address some of the landowner’s claims made in a previous article.

The issue in Glanworth boils down to this: for “generations”, members of the public have used a grass walkway/path that runs between the river and the side of the Mill to access Glanworth castle via stone steps, to access St Dominic’s Well, which lies at the bottom of the path, and to swim and paddle by the river.

Property owner Barry Hunt maintains that the area is private property, and that an assumed right of access does not exist. On air with C103, Mr Hunt also said that people had gotten used to “just roaming around on to the private property, picnicking and doing a whole range of things.”

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