Employers urged to sign up to #Flexit campaign

Shane Evans, CEO, Scrapinghub; Karen O'Reilly, Employmum; Frank Brennan, Republic of Work and Michael Dineen, Contracting PLUS pictured at the launch of the Employmum #FlexIt Campaign at Republic of Work. The Campaign was being launched ahead of the 'Future of Flexible Work' Conference, which took place on November 22. (Picture: Brian Lougheed)

A call has been put out for employers across Ireland to sign up to the #FlexIt Campaign and offer at least one flexible role within their organisation.

The ‘Future of Flexible Work’ event held on Wednesday, November 22 in Cork outlined details of National Flex Day 2019, with the claim being made that if every business in Ireland offered just one flexible role to their employees, this would result in an average saving of €11,000 per company.

This was according to award winning company, Employmum, whose estimates are based on offering a flexible position to employees.

The savings would come in the form of savings from running an office, insurance costs, heating etc.

The event, which was run and hosted by the Republic of Work, saw panelists share details of how flexible working has benefited their work, their employee’s wellbeing and productivity and their experience going from traditional working hours to flexible working hours.

Any company that signs up will be acknowledged on social media as a ‘FlexIt Friendly Workplace’ and awarded the FlexIt Badge of Approval.