The most enjoyable journey of the year is fast approaching according to a recent survey carried out by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The award-winning car rental company recently took to the streets to survey people on issues such as their journey home for Christmas, their biggest concerns on the journey and what they listen to.

An overwhelming 86% of Irish motorists said that the journey home for Christmas is the most enjoyable journey of the year. Other enjoyable journeys included driving to the airport for a holiday and a road trip with friends.

George O’Connor, managing director of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ireland, said: “Our survey confirms how special we all view the Christmas season and the opportunity to get together with friends and family. The survey also revealed that safety is a key concern for Irish drivers.”

Almost 50% said that the most important consideration for them for the Christmas journey is safety. One third (33%) of Irish motorists singled out frost and ice on the roads at this time of year as their main concern surrounding their journey home for Christmas. Alarmingly, the behaviour of other drivers on the road was a key concern for one in five of Irish drivers.

Car rental companies always see a spike in business in the run-up to and over the Christmas period and Irish motorists highlighted how renting a car at this time ensures the use of a reliable, fully roadworthy car for the holiday season (18%). Additionally, for one in 10 drivers, a rental car takes away the worry of relying on parents/family for getting around during the time home for the holidays.

  • 86% say journey home for Christmas is most enjoyable of the year
  • Safety is biggest concern this Christmas with motorists 
  • ‘Fairytale of New York’ chosen as favourite Christmas song for journey

“This survey highlighted the benefits and peace of mind that people get from hiring a car for the Christmas period and it is clear that having an up-to-date, fully roadworthy car to use over the Christmas holiday helps to assuage some of the safety concerns of Irish drivers,” O’Connor said.

please be aware of your speed and general fatigue when driving over the Christmas period

“It is also important to reiterate the Road Safety Authority’s advice to people during the Christmas period. As people enjoy the festivities, it is important to remember to never ever drink and drive and always plan your itinerary for a night out in advance, making sure you know how to get home safely. As well as this please be aware of your speed and general fatigue when driving over the Christmas period”. O’Connor said.

The survey also revealed that the Christmas classic ‘Fairytale of New York’ is the most popular Christmas song for the journey. And even in this era of iTunes and Spotify, radio in Ireland continues to have a strong draw, as 37% said they will be tuning into radio on the journey home compared to 33% who said they will be listening to their own playlists.