Dogs abandoned in Ballyhooly wood


Dogs abandoned in Ballyhooly wood

Fermoy-based animal activist, Nuala McNamara, was concerned at the manner in which two dogs were so heartlessly dumped at a wooded area in Ballyhooly last week.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013
5:21 AM GMT

Two dogs abandoned in a wooded area in Ballyhooly have been rescued by Fermoy-based animal welfare activist Nuala McNamara. Nuala went to the location on Thursday last following reports that the two small dogs were seen roaming in recent days.

When she got there she found the two dogs, one a very old female Yorkshire Terrier and the other a young West Highland Terrier, in poor physical condition and malnourished. Nuala believes they’d spent some nights out in the woods alone in what were some of the coldest nights this winter.

“The female is very old and has had a lot of litters,” Nuala told The Avondhu this week.

The young Westie meanwhile had patches of fur missing. The condition of both dogs teeth was a cause for concern. Nuala was concerned at the manner in which the two little dogs were so heartlessly dumped.

“They’d obviously outlived their usefulness to their owner who decided to simply abandon them,” she said.

Nuala took the dogs into her care. She doubts that the older one will be re-homed but believes the young one could be, after he receives veterinary care. If not, she says, she’s content to have them live with her, along with other animals the kind-hearted activist has rescued over the years.

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