Dog fouling on the rise again in Fermoy

'Run Like The Wind' - a recent image of the wall lining St Colman's Park in Fermoy where walkers appear the be littering the area with bagged dog-foul instead of disposing of it correctly. (Photo: John O'Connell)

“Dog fouling is on the rise around the town, there’s no doubt about it. Walking on the footpaths, you are prone to standing on it,” said local activist Joe Tobin.

As the warmer months approach, an increase in walkers has been noted locally and so too has the increase in dog fouling around Fermoy town. Locals have outlined St Colman’s Health Campus and Pike Road as particular problem areas.

At St Colman’s Health Campus, a popular walking trail in the town, the issue of dog fouling and associated litter has been highlighted, as a large number of bagged dog faeces has been discarded over a wall and into a nearby stream.

It appears that several dog walkers are going to the trouble of picking up after their pet, however, are proceeding to litter the area rather than waiting until they reach a bin to dispose of the waste correctly.

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