DIY:SOS: Mission accomplished in Mitchelstown

The scene at Kingston Square in July as works and filming got underway. (Picture: Marian Roche)

A chapter closed on Mitchelstown over Christmas, as RTÉ’s DIY:SOS aired in a two-part special at the end of December.

The long-awaited ‘big reveal’ showed all – well, some – of the intense work that went into renovating the six houses in Kingston College over nine days in July last year. Initially, money for the project came off of support for victims of the war in Ukraine and ultimately, RTÉ got on board.

The show itself spent quite a bit of time talking about how difficult the project would be, how it was impossible, how it couldn’t be done, etc., etc.

A somewhat redundant repetition, as the airing of the two-part show makes it patently obvious that it was in fact, not just ‘do-able’ but also, hugely successful.

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