Demand for in-house SEO training is now booming

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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an essential feature used by most companies to improve their presence online. This crucial skill has become vital, especially with the rising competition among online businesses. Whether you’re a business owner or team lead for marketing, you’d understand the need for SEO skills.

According to Riordan SEO, the demand for teaching business owners and in-house marketing teams how to do SEO has increased by over 200% over the last 12 months. Riordan SEO who has offices for SEO in Cork and Dublin, provide 1-1 and group training sessions. The goal would be to provide a transfer of knowledge, so you don’t need to rely on Agencies for your digital marketing efforts.

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc., are constantly used to search for businesses. Increasing your website’s ranking is now more important than ever, and a marketing team with SEO skills is an added advantage.

While businesses are needed to make a profit, SEO techniques are needed to there are many resources for anyone to use and learn. The challenge remains in picking the right article for the training, especially as the industry is largely unregulated. Your team could be trained with unethical material, which may produce unproductive results.

The benefits are immense if your business has a standby marketing team, including an SEO expert. However, the need to constantly train them to meet the ever-evolving standards should be a regular procedure.

Why continuous SEO training is relevant

Getting an employee rooted in the rudiments of SEO starts from the moment such a person is being onboarded. The training can be included as part of the learning materials the worker can learn. A basic SEO training for your new worker shows you value them and points to them that they are relevant to your organisation.

Although most businesses are now training their staff on the latest SEO skills, they are still underutilising the huge potential available. Let’s look at the reasons why training your staff to become SEO compliant is necessary.

Increased Retention

For most employers, the business of hiring new talent to their marketing team is almost equal to nine months’ salary equivalent to retaining a current employee. Members of staff who feel they are relevant to the business are more likely to stay than back.

Continuous SEO training means you take personal development for your staff seriously. This is true in many cases since the algorithms for search engines are constantly changing daily. The demand for new and reminder training to sharpen knowledge to date are among the factors employees consider when determining career advancement.


One of the basic needs used by employees is the metrics of motivation used. A staff member will only be satisfied if they notice that their employer offers the correct type of motivation. SEO training is a big-time business and can boost the morale of any company.

Up-to-date training on SEO processes for your marketing team and entire staff can easily be classified as the much-needed desire to remain on the payroll. Include that with a regular salary increase and add-ons.

How marketing teams can be taught SEO

The key to attracting a high class of professionalism for SEO for members of your marketing team is the proper training. Here are some crucial tips on how business owners build training for their teams. Alternatively, many of them employ SEO trainers to give them the right kind of training.

Set weekly, monthly & long-term goals

Building on the relevance of SEO by training includes the proper training. This is important since you don’t want to waste time for the team to quickly learn the evolving tips for online building a solid business presence.

To set goals, it is essential to consider the level of experience of your team. It is vital you understand if your team is well-versed in the art of SEO and requires advanced learning or start from the basics.

These daily goals can measure what they are learning and what you expect them to know. Should they learn how to optimise your YouTube content? Or learn how to increase traffic to your website?

Goals setting should be achievable and breaking them into daily pointers is essential if you want to leverage on getting them prepared to hit the ranks. They could lose their efficiency if you don’t break them down into simple bits.

Online Training and Workshops

One of the best ways anyone can learn updated SEO tips is by using online materials. You can sign your team up for relevant training facilitated by different marketers online. The issue with online material is there’s just too much out there. The best way to learn is 1-1 workshop training. One important benefit here is that your marketing staff can be trained on the best and most reliable tools to make them relevant in today’s world.

The time needed to complete training varies. This depends on the level of commitment your staff put into the learning and the timeframe for the course. These courses can offer a training certificate at the end, and you can use it to know who completes the tasks.

Keywords Utilisation

One such way to help improve SEO team members is the art of content creation and keyword utilisation. The Google search engine can become efficient depending on the keywords used to implement your marketing plans.

When applying such measures, ensure that the team is trained on understanding search intent and how to build topic clusters around content marketing plans. The professionalism and dedication of your website to solve customers’ issues become more visible with the right keywords for search optimisation.

This particular feature is one of the most important aspects of learning SEO and building on it to improve rankings for customers is necessary.

Is SEO important?

More than ever, SEO has become an instrument of advantage for business owners. Here are a few reasons why SEO is needed by your business.

Customers rely on it to locate businesses

In today’s world, customers now use the internet to locate the nearest business for their needs. A majority of these customers are inclined to take suggestions from the top 5 results of their search. A good SEO technique can place your business within such a range.

Smooth operations for the website

With a good SEO technique in your hand, you can improve the daily operations of your website. SEO can increase the organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic is a reliable method of building credibility online for customers to use.


There’s never been a better time to leverage SEO and build the ideal marketing team for your company. As the world progresses, you need to stay ahead of the curve, and the right tools can place you in the right position to take advantage. Training your staff on SEO has increased benefits, improving them career-wise, and helping your business grow.