Part 1

Vaping/e-cigarette use by many teenagers has become somewhat ‘the norm’ on local streets judging by the groups who congregate to hang out and vape together, a common sight daily after secondary schools finish.

With many younger users unaware that the products contain nicotine – thus increasing the likelihood of addiction – one secondary school principal The Avondhu spoke with, noted it was now ‘an issue with teenagers’ and was clear in his message to parents, whom he thought were not as aware as they should be of the danger or potential for this to become a lifelong habit.

While it is not illegal at the moment for anyone under 18 to buy vape/e-cigarette products, proposals being incorporated into the Public Health (Tobacco and Nicotine Inhaling Products) Bill saw the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly and the Minister for Public Health Frank Feighan receiving government approval last November to introduce additional restrictions on the sale and advertising of nicotine inhaling products, such as e-cigarettes.

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