Council getting around to doing potholes in Fermoy


Council getting around to doing potholes in Fermoy

The Fermoy area committee meeting gave an update on the status of area road repairs, following on from representations made at an earlier meeting.

Monday, 25 March 2013
11:00 AM GMT

While there’s still plenty of complaints about potholes on area roads, the county council is getting round to filling them. Councillor Noel McCarthy got news at the Fermoy Area committee meeting on Tuesday this week, about two roads he’d made representations on, calling for them to be repaired.

The first was on the South Cregg Road in Fermoy where he asked for potholes to be filled in and inlets to be opened. He was told the work is included in this year’s surface dressing programme and will be done. Next up was the Kilbarry upper and lower road in Fermoy where he asked that potholes be filled. It will be done, he was assured.

When it came to drainage works at Garraunigerinagh, Grange, Fermoy, which he said were needed to prevent water from lodging outside four homes there, he ran out of luck, being told by area engineer Brendan O’Gorman that there was no easy solution to that problem and it would only be considered when they are resurfacing the road, with no plans to do that in the short term.

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