Corrin Mart Report

Aubrac bullocks weighing 298kgs made €720 at the mart this week.

Hopefully by the time you are reading this, the weather will have improved considerably. As I pen this mart report to paper the wind and rain is pounding at the window and let’s be honest, not exactly the ideal weather to be going to the mart and buying a double of cattle to let off to grass! Luckily this attitude was not held by others in the mart business or our trade would have come under pressure this week!

Perhaps it is an advantage of our online buying and selling where buyers can sit in the comfort of their own homes bidding happily by the fire! Maybe it is the promise by the weather gods that with days lengthening drier conditions are around the corner and cattle will soon be able to take advantage of the lush grass to be seen all over the countryside.

Whatever the reason, trade for all cattle remained good and steady again this week.


Very strong demand for dry cows with trade marginally improved. Store cows: 400 to 550kgs making from €1.15 per kilo to €1.65 per kilo.

Heavier cows: 550 kgs+ making from €1.27 per kilo up to €1.75 per kilo.

Char. 760kg €1,220; Fr. 675kg €1,080; Fr. 555kg €850.

These AA blks weighed 400kgs made €880 at Corrin Mart.


The terrible weather on offer Tuesday possibly reduced the foreseen increase in numbers that should have been on offer today but trade remained very similar to last week. Next week marks the first sale in March so with that will start quite a ramp up in numbers. But with that should bring out plenty of grass buyers for all types of cattle. This week’s sale saw an improved trade for quality lots.

Light stores: under 350kgs made from €1.45 per kilo for plain Friesians up to €2.45 for continental bullocks. With AA/Her types making from €2.02 per kilo up to €2.20 per kilo.

Medium stores: 350kgs to 500kgs staring at €1.55 for Fr up to €2.45 per kilo for continentals. AA/Her bullocks made from €2.00 up to €2.23 per kilo.

Frwd stores: 500 to 600kgs. The plainer Fr. started at €1.55 per kilo up to €2.40 per kilo for Cont. Her/AA made from €1.95 up to €2.16 per kilo.

Heavy Bullocks: 600 kgs + : Good demand for heavy bullocks making from €1.72 up to €2.23 per kilo.

AU 298kgs €720; SIM 500kgs €1,210; AA 400kgs €890; Her 247kgs €570; CH 575kgs €1,350; FR 490kgs €850.


Another very strong heifer trade this week. Excellent demand for all heifers, with good aggressive bidding for stores.

Store heifers: under 400kgs made from €2.05 up to €2.84 per kilo. AA/Her averaged at €2.16 per kilo.

Butchers heifers: 400kgs+. These type heifers made from €1.95 up to €2.55 per kilo, with AA/Her averaging at €2.04 per kilo.

Ch 215kgs €610; AA 305kgs €730; Her 222kgs €540; Lim 440kgs €1,120; AA 520kgs €1,100.

This char heifer weighing 215kgs made a whopping €2.85 per kilo at Corrin Mart on Tuesday last.


Our calf sale is now on Wednesday’s at 1pm. Numbers are increasing each week and trade last week was very lively indeed. Fr Bulls making €40 up to €165.

HER/AA Bulls from €160 to €350 and heifers from €130 to €220.


Very strong trade for sheep this week. Factory weights averaged at €2.95. Butchers weights averaged €2.78 per kilo. There is also an exceptional demand for ewes with lambs at foot and if you have any ewes and lambs for sale we would be delighted if you would bring them to our sale next Monday.

50kg €156; 48kg €146; 41kg €128; 45kg €138; 53kg €158.


We have a Dairy sale this Friday, February 26 with a number of very good quality dairy cows on offer.