Corrin Mart Report

This February calving In-calf heifer made €1,980 at Corrin Mart.

As we creep into the month of February our increase in numbers is noticeable every week. Even though the weather isn’t wonderful – not to mention Covid – there was a little bit of positivity in the air at Corrin this week.

Perhaps, with the promise of longer evenings and calves being born, that positivity brought out larger numbers, increased range of customers and an improved trade for stores.


A large number of dry cows were on offer again this week and trade was very strong again.

Store cows: 400 to 550kgs making from €1.15 per kilo to €1.65 per kilo.

Heavier cows: 550 kgs+ making from €1.25 per kilo up to €1.82 per kilo.

Fr. 520kg €890; Fr. 700kg €1,050; AA. 715kg €1,300.


Perhaps the heavier bullocks were marginally easier this week, depending on quality but the store cattle were definitely improved this week. Actually, the average price for every bullock sold this week, all weights and all breeds was €1.98 per kilo!

Light stores: under 350kgs made from €1.56 per kilo for plain friesians up to €2.35 for continental blks. With AA/Her types making from €1.95 per kilo up to €2.30 per kilo.

Medium stores: 350kgs to 500kgs starting at €1.60 for friesians up to €2.57 per kilo for continentals. AA/Her blks made from €1.95 up to €2.56 per kilo.

Frwd stores: 500 to 600kgs. The plainer FR started at €1.62 per kilo up to €2.35 per kilo for Lim. Her/AA made from €1.90 up to €2.30 per kilo.

Sim 550kgs €1,280; Lim 475kgs €1,220; Her 300kgs €680; AA 289kgs €650; Fr 460kgs €780; AA 450kgs €970.

These continental bullocks weighing 475kg made €1,220 at Corrin Mart on Tuesday.


Steady trade this week for heifers, marginally back on last week.

Store heifers: under 400kgs made from €1.80 up to €2.50 per kilo. AA/Her averaged at €2.00 per kilo.

Butchers heifers: 400kgs+. These type of heifers made from €1.85 up to €2.30 per kilo, with AA/Her averaging at €2.05 per kilo.

Lim 400kgs €1,010; AA 330kgs €690; AA 590kgs €1,210; Lim 473kgs €1,090; AA 330kgs €690.


Our calf sale is now on Wednesday’s at 1pm. Calf intake open at 10am, with viewing from noon until 1pm.


Factory weights averaged at €2.60. Butchers weights averaged €2.70 per kilo.

50kg €152; 47kg €132; 40kg €138; 49kg €136; 43kg €118.


Our dairy sale was last Friday, good quality in calf heifers on offer. There was a very strong trade with active bidders from all over the country. Prices ranged from €1,350 up to €2,000. We have very strong demand for all dairy stock, so if you have any for sale please don’t hesitate to contact us.