Corrin Mart Report

The word of the trade this week could be best described as steady! A very large increase in numbers this week saw a huge bullock sale, increase number of heifers and the same number of dry cows as last week.

Obviously the number increase meant a bit of a queue formed in the morning with sellers trying to enter cattle in time for viewing, and we thank all our customers so much for their patience with this. With the current restrictions it hampers how we would like make sure that a delay would not take place but hopefully the good prices made up for it!


Dry cow numbers are still very high with an excellent demand for all weights.

Store cows: 400 to 550kgs making from €1.32 per kilo to €1.77 per kilo.

Heavier cows: 550 kgs+ making from €1.40 per kilo up to €1.91 per kilo.

Limousin 675kg €1,290; Friesian 700kg €1,080; Friesian 595kg €950.


As mentioned, an expected increase in numbers this week in Corrin, given the current trade and the time of year. Trade was lively with excellent demand for quality lots.

Light stores: under 350kgs made from €1.35 per kilo for plain Friesians up to €2.93 for continental bullocks. With AA/Hereford types making from €2.00 per kilo up to €2.45 per kilo.

Medium stores: 350kgs to 500kgs staring at €1.50 for Friesian up to €2.52 per kilo for continentals. AA/Hereford bullocks made from €2.02 up to €2.61 per kilo.

Frwd stores: 500 to 600kgs. The plainer Friesian started at €1.65 per kilo up to €2.42 per kilo for Cont. Hereford/AA made from €2.00 up to €2.26 per kilo.

Heavy Bullocks: 600 kgs+. Good demand for heavy bullocks making from €1.75 up to €2.25 per kilo.

AA 360kgs €940; Friesian 380kgs €790; Limousin 520kgs €1,230; Limousin 352kgs €960; AA 400kgs €940; Sim 600kgs €1,350.


Extremely lively trade for heifers today. Great demand for all weights and breeds.

Store heifers: under 400kgs made from €2.00 up to €2.65 per kilo. AA/Hereford averaged at €2.10 per kilo.

Butchers heifers: 400kgs+. These type heifers made from €2.00 up to €2.36 per kilo, with AA/Hereford averaging at €2.11 per kilo.

Limousin 290 kgs €770; AA 407kgs €910; Limousin 390kgs €940; AA 590kgs €1,270; BB 300kgs €730.


Our calf sale is now on Wednesday s at 1pm. large numbers of calves are offered every week, very lively trade still being enjoyed each week. Friesian bulls making from €55 up to €185.

Hereford/AA bulls from €170 to €370 and heifers from €150 to €300. Continental calves from €260 up to €430.


Another super trade for sheep this week. Factory sheep making from €2.80 up to €3.71 per kilo and butchers sheep making from €2.80 up to €3.25 with a very strong trade for cull ewes and also ewes with lambs at foot.

50kg €164; 42kg €156; 54kg €174; 61kg €172; 51kg €166.


This Friday, March 26 we have another complete clearance sale. This week it is for Mr Sean Healy, Waterfall. There over 130 Friesian and FrX dairy cows on offer with 30 maiden heifers and 40 heifer calves also. This large sale will kick off at 11am and details and catalogues can be got from the office or on social media.