After a never-ending winter, this weeks and months ahead will hopefully give Ireland a real taste of summer.

This year, 69% of adults living in Ireland will go on summer holidays, with the majority spending their (main) summer holidays abroad, with 18% planning to stay in Ireland.


The top 5 summer destinations abroad this year are: 1. Spain (32%), 2. Portugal (15%), 3. Italy (13%), 4. England (12%) and France (12%).

The top 5 destinations in Ireland changed a little bit compared to last year’s results.

This year, Galway (32%) is on top, followed by Cork (29%), Kerry (24%), Dublin (21%) and Louth (19%). In 2017, Kerry at 36% took the top ranking.

A nationally representative survey of 1,000 adults by iReach Insights, shows the majority of adults (82%) prefer to book their holidays online, while 14% like to book in a travel agency and only about 2% prefer to book over the phone.

While the minority (5%) state they will spend their holidays alone, 44% will travel with their family, 35% with their partner and only 16% with friends.