At the launch of Cork ETB first Internal Employee Communication Platform, My CETB, at Cork ETB Head office, Lavitts Quay, Cork were Susan Long, Cork ETB; Denis Leamy, Chief Executive Cork ETB; Ber Collins, Cork ETB; Clare Creedon, Cork ETB; Suzanne Mullins, Director of Organisation, Support & Development Cork ETB and Rachel Lehane, Cork ETB. (Picture: Jim Coughlan)

Cork Education and Training Board (Cork ETB) has launched its first internal employee communication platform, My CETB.

Engaging with fellow Cork based company, Workvivo, to assist with the creation of the new platform, it will enable Cork ETB to build a cohesive community by bringing their employees and ideas together in one location. 

It will deepen the values-driven culture that exists and allow for employee recognition across the organisation.

Cork ETB was established under the Education and Training Boards Act, 2013 and is responsible and accountable for the proper direction and control of its functions in the Cork City and Cork County Councils’ local authority areas.

It plans, provides, supports and co-ordinates education, training and youth services in Cork which are recognised internationally as a model of excellence.

My CETB will be a space where colleagues can connect with each other, keep up to date with what is going in on throughout the organisation and allow the sharing of resources and tools.


Cork ETB Chief Executive, Mr Denis Leamy, said that this exciting new platform will support the organisation by building a better channel of two-way communication and helping us share our work-related news at the touch of a button.

“I am really enthusiastic that My CETB will give us all a central point of communication as well as a way to celebrate one another’s achievements”.

The new platform will empower colleagues to share workplace events, achievements, organisation news and resources on social channels and across the wider organisation to ensure they stay connected and engaged with one another and to appreciate each other’s accomplishments and successes.