Continuing maintenance at Old Kilcrumper

BEFORE - Kilcrumper old graveyard, as it looked three years ago.

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, maintenance at Kilcrumper Old Cemetery and historic graveyard has continued.

Following HSE guidelines on social distance and other issues, the grass has been kept cut, the weeds kept under control and unmarked grave areas cleaned up and reseeded with grass.

Flowers have been kept watered and new seats installed. The photographs show how the cemetery looked three years ago and how it looks now.

The peaceful ambience of the cemetery that was created over the last few years has been maintained through challenging times.

From a historical perspective, all of the inscriptions on the historic graveyard headstones have been transcribed and will soon be available for searching on the Historic Graves website.

AFTER – Kilcrumper as it is currently.

Additionally, the burial records from 1900 to 1960 have been transcribed, making searching the database possible.

Anybody looking for a particular grave is welcome to contact for help.

Fundraising for continued maintenance is difficult with the current restrictions, so donations to the box at Kilcrumper are most welcome.

Thank you all for the continued moral and financial support.