A report, commissioned by the Construction Industry Federation and carried out by DKM consultants in conjunction with SOLAS, states that construction activity could potentially generate a requirement for 112,000 jobs up to 2020.

Director General of the CIF Tom Parlon, stated at a launch in Construction House on Thursday (Nov 27) said that over the next 3 years, this report estimates that 112,000 additional workers will be needed in construction to deliver on the ambitious targets set out in the Government’s €43billion Capital Programme, the Rebuilding Ireland Strategy and in meeting the increasing demand from Foreign Direct Investment companies for specialist buildings.

“The potential prize for delivering on these strategies is huge in terms of economic growth, jobs and recovery in the regions,” he said. “With a forecast of 9% annual growth on average the construction can become a €20billion industry by 2020.

“It can potentially employ 213,000 direct employees making it the largest generator of jobs in all communities around the economy and is forecast to contribute around 10% of GNP to the Irish economy.”