Conna D.S. heads into 'The Lonesome West'


Conna D.S. heads into ‘The Lonesome West’

What is, without doubt, Martin McDonagh’s funniest play, ‘The Lonesome West’ is this season’s choice for Conna Dramatic Society.

Saturday, 16 February 2013
12:00 AM GMT

Conna Dramatic Society are busy putting the final touches on their production of 'The Lonesome West' by Martin McDonagh.

McDonagh's rural western Ireland is a place of surreal feudal strife where sons kill fathers because they criticise their hair and the local priest has an hourly crisis of faith rendering him spiritually impotent. Of course it's a comedy - the blackest of black comedies - and very funny indeed!

Under the watchful direction of Emer Martin, the cast of Caitriona Howard (Girleen), Patrick Smith (Fr Welsh), Brendan Hurley (Valene Connor) and Pete Barry (Coleman Connor), promise to deliver a great night's entertainment in Conna Community Hall on Fri 22nd, Sat 23rd, Sun 24th Feb and Fri 1st, Sat 2nd March at 8.15pm.

The group will then go on to compete in the 3-act festival circuit.

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