Condons sought for family gathering

Cloughleigh Castle near Kilworth, the principal Castle of the Condon, oftimes referred to as 'Condon Castle.

Between the 1850s and the 1950s, the Condon name was synonymous with the commercial life of Mitchelstown and, at one time during the 1930s, the Condons operated up to seven different businesses on Lower Cork Street, ranging from grocers and bakers to tea merchants and drapers.

Today the last of these, the drapery business of Proinsias Condon and his wife Kathleen, still flourishes at No 16 Lower Cork Street. But where did the Condons originally come from and whatever happened to the remainder?

On Sunday, 4th September, a gathering of the Condon Clan will take place at 2pm in the Firgrove Hotel in Mitchelstown. The gathering has been arranged by Liam Coughlan, a grandson of Julia Condon (1886-1977) and all Condon descendants are welcome to attend.

It is understood that the Mitchelstown Condons came from the Townland of Gerah outside Kilbehenny, and any Condon descendants from in and around Gerah and Kilbehenny are particularly welcome.

As a prelude to the gathering, Liam has arranged a short tour of Mitchelstown commencing at the John Mandeville Statue at 11am on the morning of the event. It is also hoped to visit the ancient and historically important Kilbehenny Graveyard later that afternoon.

If you are descended from the wider Condon Clan or simply someone who has an interest in the local history of Gerah, Kilbehenny or Mitchelstown, Liam would be delighted to hear from you at 086-6063232.