Brendan Scahill (HSE), Delia Tobin, (Mitchelstown Senior Citizens Project spokesperson) and Jon Hinchliffe (Alzeimer Society of Ireland Operations Manager) at Tearmann Ui Chaiomh day care centre. (Picture: Jamie O’Flaherty)

We have all seen the TV advertisements highlighting the impact of caring for a loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia and the important role of family and friends.

The consistent message and advice to anyone who is looking after a loved one with dementia is to ask for help, and on that note, the day centre at Tearmann Ui Chaiomh, James Street, Mitchelstown offers that help, providing a comprehensive range of services and supports.

The dedicated staff at Tearmann Ui Chaiomh have been working with dementia sufferers in Mitchelstown every Tuesday since September last, forming part of the overall service provision for Alzheimer’s patients and their families in North Cork.

But it isn’t your typical generic day care centre. At Tearmann Ui Chaiomh the nurse, care assistants and volunteers cater for what the client wants and more importantly, enjoys.

They take into consideration the patients capacity and focus on what the client believes will make their stay at the centre enjoyable for them.

The centre has the potential to cater for up to 12 clients every Tuesday and also offer generic day care on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Speaking to The Avondhu about the service for dementia sufferers, spokesperson from Mitchelstown Senior Citizens Delia Tobin, said the facility at Tearmann Ui Chaiomh offers the client activities to keep them going throughout the day, and gives families a welcome break from caring for a loved one.

The centre provides lunch, care and respite from 10am until 3.30pm and there is some spare capacity at the moment.

The only criteria for referral is that you have a diagnosis of some form of dementia. If transport is an issue please contact the centre and they may be able to offer some help.

For more information contact Nurse Manager, Dympna Howard at 086-0218504, Dementia Adviser, Amy Murphy at 086-7812217 or the National Helpline at 1800 341 341.