The cast of 'I Do Not Like Thee, Dr Fell' at Friars Gate, Kilmallock. Back row, l-r: Liam Houlihan Dermot Ryan, John English and Max Hennessy (director). Front, l-r: Eleanor Bennett, Orla Ahern, Robin Lee and Mandy Donworth.

Joe Fell puts the cat among the pigeons at Friars’ Gate Theatre, Kilmallock when the theatre’s in-house company stages the wonderful Bernard Farrell comedy, ‘I Do Not LIke Thee, Dr. Fell’ over the next two weekends, commencing this Friday, 26th February at 8pm nightly.

In this hilarious and thought-provoking send up of American style group therapy sessions, six disparate people gather together in a locked room for Encounter Therapy that promises to probe their lives.

Here you will meet Suzy, the group co-ordinator, who hails from the US with her remedy to solve all problems – ‘relax, relate, communicate’; Roger, an intellectual snob, has dedicated his life to attending group therapy sessions around the world and thus knows the ‘modus operandi’; Peter, a builder, and his wife Maureen are there because Maureen is highly strung- according to Peter; Rita speaks of nothing else but her twelve cats and her husband who died three years previously; there is the mysterious Joe- the Dr Fell of the title.

Just why he’s there is not initially obvious, but his presence and behaviour turns the session into something the other participants had not anticipated, and finally, there’s Paddy the attendant, an outsider casting a wry eye on the participants.

If you ever thought you were not quite right, perhaps this play will remind you that you are not alone! The talented local cast bringing this play to life includes Orla Ahern, Eleanor Bennett, Mandy Donworth, John English, Liam Houlihan, Robin Lee and Dermot Ryan with direction by Max Hennessy.

Tickets are just €12/€10, bookings on 063-98727 or the theatre website